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    With our handcrafted wooden earring stand, you can elegantly display and organize your jewelry collection. This unique jewelry stand is customizable with your own phrase or name and available in three different wood colors: Natural, Teak, or Walnut. Additionally, choose from a variety of name colors - Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Blue, or Purple - to make your stand even more personalized. Measuring 30x25x6cm, this stand offers ample space for your earrings and adds a special touch to your jewelry.

    Product Features:

    • Handcrafted jewelry stand made from high-quality wood
    • Personalizable with your own phrase or name
    • Available in wood colors: Natural, Teak, or Walnut
    • Name colors to choose from: Gold, Silver, Green, Red, Blue, or Purple
    • Dimensions: 30x25x6cm - perfect size for your earrings
    • Stylish and practical - ideal for storing and showcasing your jewelry pieces
    • Unique gift for yourself or your loved ones

    Add a personal touch to your jewelry and organize it stylishly with our handcrafted, customizable wooden earring stand. Get your own personalized jewelry stand today and enjoy the elegance and functionality of this unique accessory.

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